“Our team became more open-minded towards those who are struggling in our community. While working with a variety of individuals, our team has the opportunity to work alongside those who are different from us and learn acceptance.”

Recognizing that the negative effects of cancer created a shared connection between students, staff, and community, the Lexington High School Students in Action team made it their mission to address cancer. They raised money for local cancer organizations to honor those fighting cancer, educate students and staff on prevention of cancer, and expand and celebrate service opportunities in the Lexington community. They began a movement called “Linking Lexington” to multiply good within the community. The team raised a total of $12,450 for Cancer of Many Colors (a local organization that financially supports cancer patients in Lexington) and the St. Baldrick’s Pediatric Cancer Foundation. In addition, the team impacted 13,233 people in the community through various events, collected 885 toys and supplies for Toys for Tots and The Children’s Hospital, and made 30 blankets for a local children’s shelter.